Hi this is Alida's Mum - I am keeping this blog going in memory of Alida, who passed away June 13 2013. I check in often, thank you all for remembering her.
My name is Alida aka Snausage, this is my anime and manga blog.

Sometimes I roleplay as rivaille from Shingeki no Kyojin.

Not spoiler free

submit your selfies and I'll love you forever.



I love you Alida and miss you so much. I hope you get these messages floating around in the ether. I am guessing you won’t be far from your tumblr site.

Hindsight (for Ellie). written by her aunty

It might be in lines drawn, or a book
Pages fine, and gold around the edges
As blooms of this summer and next and all that is
Between two vases
The earth to be walked to feel stars
Beneath your feet
Sun caught in
The tiniest of prisms black the anomaly
To hide within a chaplet of roses
Laurel but thorns for the
Indigo one, with eyes like lightning
As life burns hot too hot
It might be rain lashed on windows running
It might be silence or a

Anonymous asked: I miss her so much

Join the club. It’s one I would give almost anything to not be a member of.: (