Hi this is Alida's Mum - I am keeping this blog going in memory of Alida, who passed away June 13 2013. I check in often, thank you all for remembering her.
My name is Alida aka Snausage, this is my anime and manga blog.

Sometimes I roleplay as rivaille from Shingeki no Kyojin.

Not spoiler free

submit your selfies and I'll love you forever.


Anonymous asked: Every once and a while I come back to this blog. It's still hard to believe what happened to your daughter. Sorry for asking, but do you know what was the cause of her death?

No, we are till waiting for the coroner’s report. It can take up to eighteen months. Thank you for asking, I will be posting the result here as soon as it comes in as quite a few of her tumblr friends have asked. Also, thank you for dropping by sometimes an thinking of her.

Please think of Alida over the next three days…..